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DAN MILLER – SENIOR MANAGING DIRECTOR/INVESTMENT SALES HFF I have known Pat for 30+ years and have always known him to be extremely knowledgeable of the market and well respected in the community. Having done numerous deals with Pat, he always does what he says he will do and in a timely manner. I wish everyone I did business with had the same approach to business as Pat does.

MIKE LEWIS – PRINCIPAL VELOCIS I have known Pat since the late 90’s and have always valued his business acumen and DNA. I frequently rely on his intimate knowledge of the Houston market, honesty, transparency, passion for excellence, and stellar history of solid performance. We recently closed on a $15,000,000 transaction together and Pat did exactly what he said he was going to do from start to finish.

CARLOS RAINWATER – HEAD OF OFFICE & LAND INVESTMENT STRATEGIES, CROW HOLDINGS CAPITAL “I’ve known Pat for around 15 years or so. He has been a part of several deals we have done in Houston over the years. I have come to believe that his knowledge and instincts on the Houston o ce market are some of the best in the business. I hope to be able to do more deals with Pat in the future”.

RUDY HUBBARD – MANAGING DIRECTOR CAPITAL MARKETS/INVESTMENT SALES, JLL Recently I represented an owner of 2 buildings in Energy Corridor of West Houston. After receiving several offers and a buyer interview, ownership decided to go with Pat Hicks. My client was very challenging and di cult to say the least, and the property was in great disrepair. Pat never wavered and stayed the course. He did everything he said he would do and more. The deal closed and Pat now has 2 Class B+ that are 90%+ occupied.

MATT AGOSTO – DIRECTOR–REAL ESTATE & TRAVEL WILLBROS Hicks Ventures did complete our tenant improvements at 16350 Park Ten Place as per the specified plans and drawings. Additionally, to date, Hicks has been very easy to work with since we signed the lease.

PATRICK W. SVRCEK – OWNER, PATRICK W. SVRCEK FINANCIAL SERVICES I have been a tenant now at 16360 Park Ten Place, Suite 100, for 10 years. When I began my lease, American Spectrum was the current owner and manager of our property. Prior to Hurricane Ike’s effects in 2008, American Spectrum, for the most part, did a good job of managing and maintaining the building. After Hurricane Ike, for several reasons some still not known today, the management and maintenance of the building became non-existent. The building just began to fall apart, structurally, aesthetically, and had no management on-site or off-site. My clients, upon entering our office, would always question as to what has happened to the building and why is all the landscape being neglected and left to die. Finally came along Patrick Hicks… I still remember Patrick personally visiting every tenant, informing each of his intentions and answering all questions we as disgruntled tenants had been carrying around for several years. Well a couple years has passed, and Patrick Hicks, along with his management team, have done a “superb job” in cleaning up the building’s both interior and exterior presence. Their on-site management team is awesome, and the current cleaning crew is doing a good job as well. The same clients that now visit our office are always commenting on how nice the improvements look, but more importantly how everything, both interior and exterior, is well maintained. Patrick performed all tasks he promised to the tenants he would make, and even then some. The management team is always responsive to my needs and comments, and this is all done with the utmost friendly attitude. I would highly recommend Patrick Hicks and his management team to any property he became associated with.

NICK SCHRADER – CIC VICE PRESIDENT When asked to give a reference to Patrick Hicks, the very first thing that comes to my mind is he is a very high-energy “hands on” individual who delivers his product to his expectations, which generally exceed his clients expectations. He gets the job done! We were tenants at 16350 Park Ten Place for about 10 years and were ready to move when Hicks purchased our building. He purchased the building at 16360 in the same package. At that time, our lease was up for renewal soon. Patrick laid out his plans for upgrading and renovating our building. He displayed renditions in the lobby for us to see every day. This was a rather brave move, in my judgment, as we could compare the work on the property with the renditions daily to see if he was delivering on his promises, or just giving lip service as had been the case with the prior property owner. He delivered the entire package in every detail from tree trimming, landscaping, elevator skinning, flooring and bathrooms. He delivered the product he promised. We renewed our lease with Hicks prior to all the work being finished, but it was evidently clear that he would finish, and he did. We are very glad we stayed. The service since the completion of the product from Hicks’ Management team has been outstanding. His property managers have responded immediately to any issues we have had. So, in short, Hicks Ventures executed the rendition plan they promised, and today, the property management team responds to our needs with immediate solutions. I have been in business since 1997 and they are the 5th property manager I have had, and by far the best I have ever had. Patrick Hicks is a “hands on” type of property manager and is involved in every detail of his operation. You get a lot of value in service, expertise and knowledge with Patrick Hicks. I very strongly recommend them as your property manager.

MARKETA FISHER – OWNER IMST CORP IMST Corp has been a tenant of 16360 Park Ten Place Drive since February of 1995. We’ve experienced several owners/management companies over the years. Hicks Ventures has, by far, been the best owner and management company in the last 20 years. All proposed improvements and upgrades were completed as promised, and we are proud to office here. Every request is responded to and followed up with. They hire outstanding people and are a pleasure to work with. They have my highest recommendation as owners/managers.

BRIAN DELANEY – CFO GATE, INC. Our experience with Patrick Hicks and the management company has been very satisfactory. The onsite manager (Grace Weselman) is very attentive to our needs, and Patrick has followed through on his commitments and done a good job of meeting our growing space requirements and occasional requests. As the major tenant, we have appreciated their cooperation in providing a good working environment for the employees.

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