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Hicks Ventures is passionate about supporting worthwhile community organizations and initiatives, both corporately and individually. Supporting only those organizations that match our passion to help the community, we proudly endorse The Will Erwin Headache Research Foundation.

Dedicated to finding a global cure for ALL debilitating headaches, families around the world can identify with The Foundation’s mission. An amazing 12% of the United States population suffers from debilitating headaches, for example.

I am honored to say that I have been close friends with the Erwin family for some 20 years, as our daughters, Sydney Hicks and Brittany “The Britter” Erwin, attended the same school. Will was the oldest of the three children, including his sister “The Britter” and brother Robb, who is also friends with Connor Hicks (Patrick & Brenda’s youngest son of 3).

Being close friends and professional colleagues with Will’s father, Jimmy Erwin, provided clear and painful insight into Will’s struggle with his debilitating headaches through his adult life. These debilitating headaches not only affected Will, but also caused great pain to his family as they watched a member of their family su er with minimal medical help to be found.

Despite seeking care from the best medical professionals, the lack of attention and research given to curing debilitating headaches was undeniable. The mindset of “people don’t die from headaches so research should be focused elsewhere” is a catastrophic mistake.

In support of the The Foundation’s mission, I am making it a priority to help the Erwin family achieve their goal of finding a cure so that debilitating headache sufferers may have a future filled with freedom from pain.

The mission of The Will Erwin Headache Research Foundation is to bring relief to sufferers, globally, who are afflcted with debilitating headaches by funding research focused on finding a cure. We bring together a community of headache sufferers, family, and friends whose lives are impacted by this disorder, as well as researchers and physicians committed to finding a cure.

Inspired by the legacy of a courageous young man, we WILL harness the strength and courage it takes to endure this painful suffering and build hope for a bright future.
A future filled with freedom from pain.

Our funding supports the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System and University of Texas Health Science Center. We WILL Cure Headaches. We WILL Achieve Freedom from Pain. Visit our website cureheadaches.org

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